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Antibiotic Resistance

Pathogenic bacteria have killed untold numbers. In modern times, bacterial illness claims fewer lives. This is because of the use of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is a natural outcome of antibiotic use. We cannot prevent antibiotic resistance. However, we can slow the spread of bacterial resistance. This can be done by using antibiotics wisely. This course will educate nurses how to use antibiotics in a way that will help preserve their effectiveness.

Courseware Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define how bacteria and antibiotics interact, leading to the development of resistance.
  • Describe the scope and impact of the problem of antibiotic resistance
  • Identify how resistance develops, including how the use of antibiotics contributes to the emergence of resistance thereby decreasing patient safety
  • Cite the best practices for the prudent, effective use of antibiotics that assist in improving patient outcomes.