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Grants & Contracts

The HCCS Grants and Contracts course will familiarize students with the regulatory framework and contractual considerations that must be addressed when applying for a research grant as well as the financial and management responsibilities that must be observed once the grant has been awarded. The course covers:

  • Regulatory Framework
  • Pre-Award
  • Post-Award
  • Programmatic management
Number of Learners:

Course Outline

  • Regulatory framework: OMB circulars, FAR, Implementing Regulations, A133 audits, etc...
  • Pre-award: roles and responsibilities, general overview with flow chart, proposal preparation, budgeting, routing for review
  • Post-award: financial management including budget restrictions, time and effort reporting, record retention
  • Programmatic management: annual/periodic reporting, record retention

Target Audience

  • All Employees and Staff involved in conducting, managing, or supporting clinical or non-clinical research trials.