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Preventing Patient Falls

Patient falls are all too common in the healthcare setting. According to the Joint Commission, patient falls are the most frequently reported incidents in hospitals and account for 7.6% of all sentinel events. More than 30% of persons aged 65 years and over may unintentionally fall; moreover, falls can cause physical injury, emotional distress, and even death. Crucially, they are also largely preventable. This course has been designed to help you protect patients from falls. This course will discuss the consequences of falls, the body systems and muscles involved with balance issues, risk factors for falls, root causes of falls that occur in hospitals, and effective strategies to prevent falls.

Courseware Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • List the potential physical and emotional consequences to the patient when falls occur in the hospital
  • Identify the body systems and muscle strategies involved in the maintenance of balance and the role of each in preventing falls
  • List risk factors for, and root causes of, patient falls that can occur in the hospital
  • Identify intervention strategies for preventing patient falls to ensure quality inpatient hospital care